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AED Breakfast
October 16, 2015
EGH Auditorium B



Welcome to HeartReach Michiana!  We are a non-profit organization serving northern Indiana and southwest Michigan.

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, killing roughly one million Americans every year.  What is true nationally is also true in our community – that’s why HeartReach Michiana was created.  We believe that money raised locally should be used locally to fight heart disease.  We are committed to that basic principle.  We are a non profit charitable organization entirely funded through private contributions, which are tax deductible.

Our annual golf outing fundraiser is held the Monday before Memorial Day.  With the funds raised at that event, we are able to purchase Automated External Defibrillators (AED) and then donate them to local law enforcement agencies, schools, community centers and churches.  The AED’s we donate are portable and can be used by lay people who have taken an education course.

Portable AED’s are used to restart someone’s heart in the event of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).  Each year sudden cardiac arrest kills 335,000 people of all ages and fitness levels without warning.  Ninety five percent of those who suffer from SCA die because CPR and defibrillation usually occur too late, if at all.  If the first person on the scene knew CPR and applied an Automated External Defibrillator within 5 minutes, the AHA estimates that at least 40,000 more lives per year could be saved.  Calling 911 and performing CPR are not enough.  Most victims need an electric shock called defibrillation to restore the heart to a regular rhythm.  By placing these devices in the hands of first responders and trained individuals in public locations we are increasing their chance of survival.

To date we have given 495 AED’s to the Michiana community. To view more information on our AED placement, click here


CPR Training
November 7, 2015




AED Distributed by HRM Saves Woman's Life

October 30, 2008

Originally the AED Distribution Breakfast in 2008 was scheduled for November 11th, but things changed and we had to move it up to October 30th.  At the breakfast most of the organizations came to pick up their AED's, including the Walkerton Police Department.  Because their officers were already trained in CPR/AED, the AED's went directly into their vehicles.  If you are aware of the geography of Walkerton, you know that it is in the southwest corner of St. Joseph County, 22-24 miles from the nearest cardiac/trauma center.  On November 2nd, there was a 911 call placed and the Walkerton Police Department responded.  Thanks to the AED's they had in their police vehicles, they were able to save the life of a 38 year old female.


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